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Developing software applications for poker mobile platforms could not have been far behind with the technological advancement that we are seeing today. Of course, the customer demand in the online gaming industry has much to do with the launching of mobile poker clients by many of the poker websites. Besides, with operating systems like the Blackberry OS, the iPhone OS and the Windows Mobile OS coming onto the market, this is the ideal time for the companies to develop gaming applications for mobile phones. Cake has lead the way by releasing a fully functional mobile software application for Windows Mobile devices in April 2009. This is certainly good news for poker fans, because it allows them to play for real money from anywhere, even when they are on the go, provided the cell phone gets net connectivity.

Cake Poker has an opportunity in this very lucrative but untouched market of mobile gaming because not many of the well known poker gaming sites offer such gaming clients to their members. Players who wish to join up for the mobile poker experience can download the application absolutely free from Cake Poker website. The cell phone should however have Windows Mobile version 5.0 or higher installed to be able to use this application. You might also require to download the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework if the application does not work on your mobile phone. Other requirements obviously include net connectivity through WiFi connection, 2G or 3G connection, Bluetooth or even a direct cable link to your PC. As a new player at you will get the chance to get up to $600 free when you make your first deposit. It will be matched 100% so to get the full value, then you must deposit $600. Use the Cake Poker sign up code: mobilebonus when you create an account to make sure to qualify for the bonus, just like in the picture below.

Using the Cake Poker mobile client is just like logging onto the site through your PC. So if you have some spare time while waiting for a flight or train, accessing the poker game play at Cake Poker is a good way to make use of your time; you might just win your game and earn some money in the process! One difference that you would find while playing poker through your mobile is the level of concentration you can give to your game. While playing on your PC, more often than not, you are focusing on your game play with minimal distractions. This might not really be possible while using the poker mobile network. Obviously, you are on the move and possibly your attention is not as focused on your poker game as it should be, resulting in loose play.

As far as the gaming experience is concerned, with mobile poker, you might have to make do with a small screen of the cell phone. So, during a game if some of the players fold or are sitting out, they are removed from view to minimize the scrolling.  This however, does not change your seating position at the table. As far as the game availability is concerned, you can play real money and play money Hold’em ring games which are available in fixed limit, no limit and pot limit structures. Players can also accumulate their reward points just like playing at a normal online game at Cake Poker. Gold Cards and Gold Chips can be accumulated from wherever you decide to play poker. There is absolutely no difference in raked hands played on the PC or on the poker mobile.

Playing poker mobile on the Cake Network does not cost anything; it is free for all customers. However, the wireless provider may charge an additional fee for the data downloads which is about 10 MB of data per hour on full ring tables.  The Cake Poker Mobile Version is exactly the same as a normal poker room, but based on a limited platform. A log-in screen appears where you enter your email and password. This sensitive information is not stored anywhere on your cell phone, so even if you happen to lose it or it gets stolen, there is no way for a third party to misuse or even gain entry to your Cake Poker account. During your mobile game play, interfacing the software is fairly easy and smooth. Everything from posting blinds to card mucking is done automatically. There are no avatars and the layout is curtailed; you use the number keys and arrow keys to make decisions like betting, raising and folding.

With poker on the mobile, you will also find the gaming trends similar to that with usual online poker games. So, you will find a large crowd of players during the evenings or the weekends. If you are really in the mood for some serious poker winnings, you could steal a lot of pots during these sessions. As mentioned before, many of the players are only half concentrating on their games and you can easily take advantage of the loose play. This would hold true for your opponents as well; therefore, it is best to play mobile poker when you would normally play online. In case there are distractions or you are having a good time, go ahead and enjoy – you can play poker some other time when your mind is more focused on the game.
It is boom time for the mobile gaming industry, which has seen a massive surge during the year 2009. The trend seems to be continuing and it is only a matter of time when all major casinos and poker rooms will join in the mobile gaming action. For the Windows Mobile and the Blackberry users, there is no looking back. However, Apple iPhone users are not so lucky. Cake Poker Mobile is constantly adding new features to the software; hence, players can expect to see a lot of improvements in the days to come. Although, presently the software is compatible with only Windows Mobile devices, the software for other mobile phones is being developed. New features like enhanced performance, 4 color decks, pot indicator and sound effects have been recently added and a few bugs have been fixed.

With the surge in technological development, the possibilities for the gaming industry are almost endless. Mobile poker is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. If yours is a Windows Mobile compatible cell phone, go ahead and enjoy your poker fix on your cell phone from wherever you are. Get started now with $600 free at Just use the cake poker sign up code: mobilebonus when you sign up, and you are ready to go.


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